Where’s the Fire?

Not a phrase we Coloradans like to hear in the summer.  Chaffee County is currently under a Stage 2 fire ban.  The July 4th firework celebration has already been cancelled at the Rodeo Grounds as it will take several weeks of daily rain to reverse conditions…no daily rain predicted here!

Click on the link below which will explain fire restrictions:

Fire Restriction Charts

Click on the link below which contains information from Sheriff Spezze regarding the fire ban

Sheriff Spezze Fire Ban Info


Boucher Bunkhouse

Buena Vista is a rural community rich in the history of mining, ranching, and more recent hitory, tourism.  This property is only one of the very few and unique farm-type vacation rentals in the area.   Boucher Bunkhouse is outside of the hustle and bustle of Buena Vista, but close enough that you can be anywhere within 5-10 minutes.  Welcome quite, peaceful, relaxing (but no worries, not totally disconnected)  with internet, tv, laundry facilities, and a full kitchen at your fingertips!

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Buena Vista Rentals, Escape to the Mountains, Barbara Whipple Trail, Mt. Princeton

The Whipple

I know “The Whipple” sounds like maybe it is a funky dance move but it is really just a quaint trail system in Buena Vista, Colorado.  Its official name is The Barbara Whipple Trail, after a long-ago Buena Vista patron.

Buena Vista Rentals, Escape To The Mountains, Barbara Whipple Trail

Bridge over Arkansas River to The Whipple Trail

The Whipple Trail is a moderately easy trail system for hiking or biking which starts at the bridge over the Arkansas River near the soccer fields in Buena Vista. It climbs to the former Midland Railroad bed and loops around. It has several spurs which will bring you back to the beginning point and lots of wayfinding signs to give you a little BV history. Today, May Day, was a beautiful day for a quick hike before heading to the office!


Buena Vista Rentals, Escape to the Mountains, Barbara Whipple Trail, Mt. Princeton

View from The Whipple Trail of Mt. Princeton

Buena Vista Rentals, Escape to the Mountains Property Management, Whipple Trail

This Tree seems to be saying, “Come, sit on my lap!”

Buena Vista Rentals, Escape to the Mountains Property Management, Whipple Trail

The Barbara Whipple Trail

How Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Mountains & Festivals All Go Together

Buena Vista is once again shooting for the stars.  Dierks Bentley has been spotted in town more than once by the locals.  He’ll be back here Labor Day Weekend with just a few of his friend.  Dierks is bringing with him fellow country musicians Miranda Lambert,  Brothers Osborne, Elle King, Sam Bush, Del McCoury Band, Lanco, The Cadillac Three, just to name a few….

Promoted as an inaugural event, Seven Peaks Festival will be located in The Meadows, on County Road 350, Buena Vista, Colorado, USA.  Opening Day will be August 31 and will run through September 2, 2018.  I haven’t seen the schedule of the lineup yet but have heard that Dierks Bentley will play each day.

Tickets aren’t cheap, but well worth it if you love the lineup!  They don’t go on sale until the 20th of April, 10 a.m., and I’ve heard predictions that they will sell out within a couple of hours.  I’ve already started booking vacation rentals before tickets have been purchased so finding lodging in town may be difficult if you wait too long.

Mountain Vacation Rentals

Seven Peaks Festival

Billboard Announces Dierks Bentley

See you in August!


Goat Rope’n

I always thought the term “goat roper” referred to a type of dress/mentality/interests in life.  My youngest referred to himself as a goat roper when he was in high school.  I guess because he wore cowboy boots, drove a pickup, preferred “Mudd’n” to sports.  Last week I found out that there is actually an event at National Western Stock Show 2018 that is called “Goat Rope’n”.    Who knew?!?

Actually, it is an event sponsored by the Denver Chamber of Commerce which raises $30,000 to $35,000 which provides the funds for the Chamber to bid on a steer at NWSS 2018 which is part of the scholarship program.  I really didn’t know what to expect when I was assigned the photography assignment but it was immensely enjoyable and entertaining!

Goats kind of do what they want, not what the goat wrangler wants!  The event does involve more than goats however.  There are several events that a teams of four participate in and earn a cumulative score for their team.  Anything goes most of the time!  Beer guzzling, barrel (or cone) racers on stick horses were timed and the fastest relay team earned points for their team.  Same goes with pig wrestling and the cow patty toss.

Just a few pictures from the event:

Next year I may decide to put my own team together!

Thanksgiving Trivia

Before we steamroll into Christmas, this is certainly the time to reflect on the things that are most important of all.  I’m sure for most US Americans (as this is only an American holiday), myself included, at the top of that list is family.  I know a lot of people feel they are obligated to spend time with their “dysfunctional” family.  I’m fortunate to have raised a gaggle of funny, smart, crazy children, in a highly functioning family which I enjoy spending time with.  Missing this year will be my youngest Marine son, Kade, who is stationed in North Carolina, but the rest of us will be together for a late Thanksgiving dinner, Logan (the son in law) and Paige (the only grandchild) included.

After spending hours in the kitchen, and then hours cleaning up, I instituted a new holiday tradition once my kids were old enough to stand in front of a stove, which continues today.  I create the menu for the day, print recipes and assign a dish or menu item to each member.  We get to spend time together cooking, and of course laughing together, and the burden of providing a big elaborate meal is lifted from mom’s shoulders.  One of favorite ways to cook a turkey is deep fry!  Yum!  We set up the fryer in the shop and everyone hangs out there while it cooks.   Oh, the smell is mouth-watering!

DSC_0365 copy   DSC_0371 Copy

Another holiday tradition that we look forward to is gathering at our big dirt pile/shooting range for target practice.  The neighbors wisely keep their kids inside!

DSC_0465_edited-1   DSC_0449_edited-1

As the title implies, here is my Thanksgiving Trivia, oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Wild turkeys can run 20 miles per hour when scared.  Domestic turkeys are heavier and can’t run as fast (which is why we see the on our dinner table!).
  2. Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird, not the eagle (I’m glad someone shot that idea down!).
  3. Americans eat 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving with Californians consuming the most.
  4. Neil Armstrong and Buss Aldrin’s first meal in space after walking on the moon was foil packets with roasted turkey.
  5. The heaviest turkey on record according to the Guinness Book of Records weighs 86 pounds.
  6. Female turkeys (called hens) do not gobble.
  7. The average Turkey for Thanksgiving meal weighs in at 15 pounds.
  8. Campbell’s Soup created the green bean casserole for the annual cookbook 50 years ago.  It now sells $20 million worth of cream of mushroom soup.

Enjoy your family or friends, your meal, and most of all, your day!

Horseback Riding at Twin Lakes in November?!?

The weather was cooperating and the horses were frisky yesterday.  It didn’t take us long to load them into a trailer and just go.  Since it was hunting season, and we didn’t relish the thought of being mistaken for deer or elk, our destination was the Colorado Trail at Twin Lakes.  It is a heavily used trail year round, and I have never seen evidence of either deer or elk, so it was a safe bet that there would not be any hunters in the area.

BDS_7706 copy

Twin Lakes

Our horses still have shoes on so we were hoping for only a little snow on the ground.  As it turned out, there was about half an inch but because the trail is used so often, there were bare spots too.  We didn’t see signs of any deer or elk, but we did see bike tracks in the snow, lots of footprints and even dog tracks.   What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in November!

File Nov 13, 9 19 45 AM

Horseback Riding with a Unicorn!

File Nov 13, 9 19 19 AM

All you need to be a real cowgirl are boots, a hat, and when it’s chilly, a pair of chaps!

Is the World Safe Anymore?

When my oldest daughter was in elementary school, I applied my lifelong love of sports to coaching softball, volleyball and basketball for the City of Colorado Springs.  As I was attending coach related classes, there was a theme that was running through each of these classes that caused me concern. We were instructed to not keep score and they wanted us to tell our athletes that we are “all winners”.  What a disturbing thought, because guess what?!?  We are not all winners.    Who is teaching these kids life lessons such as winning gracefully, or even more important, how to lose gracefully??  In an effort to spare the feelings of the losers, they were in essence taking away the ability for these children to live and work in the real adult world.

I took this question back to the parents of the children I was coaching.  They all agreed, we would keep score even if it was only for our own use.  My daughter has never played any sport without knowing the score, and guess what, she is and was a commodity to any employer she has ever worked for.  She has the ability to make her fellow co-workers “look bad or lazy” because she understands the drive and incentive to be the best she can be and to accept gracefully her short-comings.     When she doesn’t perform up to the task, she is also willing to accept that she didn’t achieve what she should have set out to do  We are now seeing the effect of telling our children that they are all winners.  We’ve created a generation of fragile egos; adults who can’t function in an adult world.

Click on the link below as it is well written and pertinent to life in 2017.  How do we change this?  How do we give our kids the opportunity to develop their own identity and to become brave and willing to explore the world and their option?  How do we teach them to win gracefully and even more important, how to lose gracefully?

Fragile Children