The Mountains are Calling and I Must GO!

DSC_9508 copy
Photo Credit by Baby Doe Studios/McMurray Ranch below Mt. Princeton

Everyone has a unique story to tell about why they have chosen to call the Upper Arkansas River Valley and more particularly, Buena Vista, Colorado, home.  For many, it’s the “small town” atmosphere that has drawn them (you just have to accept that everyone in town knows your business).  Or, it could be that they love the people and the energy.  I’ve also heard that people choose to live here for what it isn’t.  Buena Vista isn’t a ski town, nor is it a celebrity mecca, unless you count Hannah Rose, a young local musician who has won several singing contests.    For most, it is the lifestyle and adventure that living here affords. Not only do we get to wake up to the glorious mountains every morning, but we can choose to go skiing in less than an hour, whitewater rafting right in our back yard, horseback riding in the back country, or participating in any of the many festivals hosted in town.

In light of that celebrity reference, I should mention that I did see Robert Duvall in town, but that was many years ago.  I had heard that he liked to snow mobile in this part of the country  and managed to get himself lost which meant Search & Rescue had to be dispatched.  Oh, and then there was that one time that I saw Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake (pre-marriage) at Wal Mart in Salida.  Of course, her grannie still lives in the area.   Fortunately for the locals, Buena Vista hasn’t caught on with anyone of their celebrity status.   We are still just a bunch of hard working, honest, happy and adventuresome folks with a desire to contribute to a great community, and to improve our lives as well as the lives of our children.

With that being said, the mountains are calling and I must go.  the Mountains are calling
Mt. Antero/Part of the Collegiate Peaks Mountain Range

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