Hand-Crafted Whiskey Cocktail

The Deerhammer Distilling Company  is located in downtown Buena Vista, Colorado.  They bottle whiskey under their own label.  They even have a tasting room in the front of the distillery.  According to the owner, Lenny Eckstein, The Deerhammer chose their name in deference to the “Mother of Buena Vista”,  Alsina Dearheimer. Direct Link to Info on Buena Vista History

BDS_3689 copy

The pronunciation of Buena Vista is hotly debated by almost every tourist and newcomer.  It may take some time, but you’ll know you are firmly entrenched in the community when you finally accept the unique pronunciation and are proud of it.  According to Suzy Kelly, author of “Buena Vista’s Tales From the Past”,   Alsina proposed changing the name from Mahonville to Buena Vista, with the emphasis on the “u”.  Alsina did not speak Spanish and her mother tongue was German, so she most likely had a thick German accent, which would account for her choice in the pronunciation.  Buena Vista loosely translates to beautiful view in Spanish.  Alsina wanted the pronunciation to focus on the “b – u” in beautiful.

More Buena Vista information can be found in A History of Chaffee County by June Shapitus and Suzy Kelly at Chaffee County History

But I digress (which is not an unusual occurrence), The Deerhammer doesn’t open until late afternoon, however, they are worth the wait.  They provide a quality whiskey in which they then create a crafted cocktail….my favorite being the High Roller.  They even provide tours of their distillery.  Here is a link to their site:  For the Best Whiskey Ever, Click Here  Cheers!




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