Li’l Daisy is Fresh!


I was invited to a friend’s house a few years ago whose claim to fame was curating the “best margarita ever”.  I mean, really, EVER?  Imagine my disappointment when I was presented with a sugar & water, green dye, and lime flavored concoction.  Oh, my friend, the disappointment.   I made it my mission to discover the best alternative (outside of squeezing a dozen limes by hand) to this horrid mixer.  I am by no means a tequila connoisseur, but you won’t find one that goes down much smoother than the Peligroso brand, however the heart of a margarita comes from the mixer.  By accident, I stumbled upon the Freshies brand, which has the most appealing flavor.  The salt around the rim of your glass is the perfect compliment to the tangy lime stock of the mixer.  If so inclined, you can even add triple sec to your potion or even a few ounces of your favorite beer.  I’m  personally satisfied to have just the Freshies mixer and tequila.  Now that, my friend,  is the Best Margarita EVER!

DSC_5224       DSC_5226

Freshies Margarita Mix

 DSC_5227        DSC_5231

Freshies Bloody Mary Mix “Hot Mary”  

Hot Mary, blessed be thy name!  Divine intervention with a lime, pickle and olives.  If I had any celery in the fridge, I would have thrown that in too!   I picked up Freshies Margarita Mix and Hot Bloody Mary Mix the other day.  I wanted to add pictures to this blog and needed the real deal so I mixed up a batch of both.  I’m not one to let anything go to waste so I had to  drink them both once I was through.  They were, of course, fresh and delicious and the Bloody Mary had just the right amount of spice!  On occasion, I’ll even throw in a dash of Tabasco and/or black pepper, but it’s  really not necessary with the “Hot Mary” mixer.

Freshies stared in a little mountain town called Telluride.  The story began with a chef and a bartender (just like any other good story).  Their cocktails had become famous throughout the west, so they decided to start bottling the mixers.  Today, you can enjoy those same recipes that make Freshies Cocktail Mixers the best product out of a bottle, guaranteed.  These Freshies are all natural, free of preservatives, gluten free and totally delicious.   [This came straight off of the mixer bottle]

Apparently, Freshies is bottled in Denver, CO (that’s on the bottle too) and here is their website:  FRESHIES

To purchase Freshies in Buena Vista, Little Daisy Liquor Store carries several varieties.  Little Daisy Liquor

Little Daisy 008_edited-1



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