Buena Vista Circa 1950’s

Downtown BV40-50's149

Downtown Buena Vista, Colorado, circa late 1950’s

I found this old postcard in a pile of rubbish destined for the trash.  At first glance, it all looks the same as downtown Buena Vista in 2016 but there are also some very distinct changes.    What was once the Cash & Carry Market was Ben Franklin when I moved to town in 2000.  It is now Mystic Wellness.  The Lariat Bar & Grill (which is currently undergoing a massive remodel) is where the Cafe/Bar and tackle & bait shop once stood.  Next is Town Hall which was once a bank.  I love going into town hall.  The front door is 10 foot tall (in my mind).  The vault is still in the big office area in the front.

I’m sure in the 1950’s trains ran through town on a regular schedule which made the crossbuck in the middle of the street a necessity.  They are long gone now as are the trains that run through town.

On the other side of the tracks there was a bar that is now  home to Gone to the Dogs which is a dog grooming and doggy daycare center.

The cars in this picture are what will date it, but I don’t know enough about cars to throw a date on this picture.  I’m sure there are some motorheads out there who can tell me!

(A friend recently told me that there is a 1957 Pontiac in this picture so I would say this picture was probably taken that year or close to.)


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