Super Deluxe: Restoration of a 1947 Ford Coupe

After my dad’s grandparents died, he inherited their 1947 Ford Coupe, Super Deluxe V8. I believe that they bought it new but I don’t have any information to support that.   It sat in our driveway in Kansas most of the time, but on the occasional Sunday afternoon we would go for a family drive.  Times were much simpler back then meaning that an afternoon of family entertainment was simple.  But I loved it!

img126To my knowledge, this car has never seen the inside of a garage other than a brief stint in the early 2000’s.  After my dad died, the car was stored in a locker in Kansas until my brother got tired of paying the storage on it.  Once the decision was made to dispose of it,  my husband and I had it loaded on a flat bed trailer in less than a week and brought  back to our home in Colorado.    That was in February of 2006.

February 2006, Belleville, KS

As husband’s do, they promise things and just never seem to get around to the necessary follow-through.  And I’m not one to nag (my kids might tell you different) so it has languished for 10 years waiting on someone, besides me,  to take an interest.

As stories unfold, it is usually a series of unrelated events which bring you to the story at hand.  A couple of weeks ago, I had posted a picture of downtown Buena Vista, CO on Facebook and asked if anyone knew what year it was taken.   A friend of mine thought the photo was from the late 1950’s as he recognized a car manufactured in 1957, as well as a 1947 Torpedo.  I mentioned that I had my great-grandparents 1947 Ford Coupe and would love to have it restored so that I could drive it…..sometime in my lifetime.

It looks like that is about to happen.  My friend, Mike, stopped by the house today and he and I, with pen and paper in hand, began to formulate a plan.  It’s in pretty rough condition but he thinks that the engine is sound (my husband did have it running about 10 years ago) and the rest is cosmetic.  It looks like a big job, but little by little I intend to have this gem ready for the road within the next couple of years.


Surprising little rust after being in Kansas for 60 years


The driver window was broke when I was a kid


The body has a couple of dents that should be easy to remove.  The chrome is also in surprisingly good condition.  I’m thinking Candy-Apple Red with wide white-washed tires. {dreaming}

I have no mechanical inclination whatsoever but my dad made sure I could change my oil, rotate my tires, changes the brakes and even pack bearings.  My boys, both mechanics, inherited their mechanical ability from him as he was a brilliant mechanic.  I was fascinated that he could tell what year, make and model of every car that we met on the highway.  While I had no interest in fixing a car, he was always working on something,  I spent an inordinate amount of time with my dad asking him questions.  My sister would tell you that I was dad’s favorite and whether that was true or not, I did spend a lot of time with him and showed an interest in him and his passion….cars.

1947 Ford Coupe


Traveling from Ocean to Ocean

Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway, ever heard of it?  I had never heard of it until just recently, so imagine my surprise when I found out that I have lived in several towns on this highway for most of my life.  Born and raised in Belleville, Kansas, this highway came right through town on Highway 36.  I have also lived in Colorado Springs and Buena Vista, Colorado, both of which were boosters of the highway.

Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway

The conception of this highway began in Colorado Springs, in the shadows of Pikes Peak,  in 1912.  It ran from New York City to Los Angeles, avoiding or skirting around most large cities.  Towns along the route agreed to sponsor their portion of the highway with advertising and road improvements.  Keep in mind, this was during a time in American history that most roads were not paved and traveling more than 10 miles was a great adventure.

Once the route was laid out,  it was identified by the “icon” (a 21st century term) PP-OO, which could be found on trees, telephone poles and even rocks such as the image below.

Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway

Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway marker located in Buena Vista, CO

The highway has fallen into obscurity, most likely unknown to most of the residents of the cities and towns along the route, however, if you were to retrace the route today, you might find  yourself traveling through the countryside and through towns which were largely unaffected by the commercialization that occurs when a major interstate or highway intersects a municipality.

The best parts of America can be found by following a narrow rolling road into north central Missouri, a winding mountain road in Pennsylvania, an arrow-straight two-lane through the cornfields of central Illinois, or an abandoned portion of road in western Kansas.  This highway will also take you through the hills of the northeast, farming heartland, back country mountains and the desert west.

BDS_3697 copy

 “Trader Tads” circa 2014  at the corner of Main Street and Arkansas St in Buena Vista, CO, which was Highway 24, aka Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway

GG-Trader Tad and Mountain View Motel (2)

Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway, circa mid-1900s, which is now the corner of Arkansas St and Main Street in Buena Vista, CO  (most locals know the corner as Trader Tad’s).

Be the First in Line for These 5 Awesome Colorado Adventures!

Children’s Museum in Denver, CO

Located on the west bank of the Platte River near downtown Denver, the Children’s Museum is open to kids of all ages, however, adults are not permitted unless they are in the company of a child.  The museum is filled with interactive playscapes geared to children from newborn to 8 years old.    One of the best interactive museums we have ever been to. Appropriate for newborn to 100+ years of age/bring play clothes.

Denver’s Children’s Museum Website

Crested Butte’s Wildflower Festival

Crested Butte has activities scheduled for a good portion of the summer once the wildflowers begin blooming.  They offer several commercial tours, or take your bike and ride.  I was there with my girlfriend and we incorporated  hiking in the wilderness area with walking all over town.  Appropriate for 0-100+ years of age/bring walking shoes, rain gear and water.

Crested Butte’s Wildflower Festival Website

Harvard City Riding Stables in Buena Vista, CO

Located 7 miles west of the only stoplight in Buena Vista, CO, Harvard City Riding Stables is an experience in the great outdoors through the San Isabel National Forest.  They offer several different trips, however, their most popular trips are the one and two hour rides, which both forge 3 creeks from the Cottonwood Creek tributary.  The two hour ride is a climb to a bluff overlooking the Town of Buena Vista to the east and Cottonwood Pass to the west.  Appropriate for 6 to 100+ years of age/Bring water, rain gear, closed toe shoes.

Harvard City Riding Stables Website

Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs, CO

Remember the the classic arcade games enjoyed by the youth of the 20th century?  Manitou Springs Penny Arcade has hundreds of machines from the early 1900’s to present. It is located a block off of the highway that runs through the heart of town. You’ll still find pinball, video games, skeeball, and other redemption games, as well as kiddie rides.  Appropriate for ages 1-100+ years of age/Bring water and lots of change.

Manitou’s Penny Arcade Website

Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad, Leadville, CO

Catch the 2 1/2 hour train ride west of downtown which travels through the  San Isabel National Forest  to the Continental Divide, 1000 feet about the valley floor below.  The view of Colorado’s two tallest peaks, Mt. Massive and Mt. Elbert, are not quite bird’s eye but it’s a different perspective than from the highway below.  Appropriate for newborn to 100+ years of age/Bring water, rain gear and jacket.

Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad Website

There are so many more great adventures to enjoy while either visiting or living in Colorado.  Grab your hat, put on your walking shoes and be the first in line!


You Truly Deserve a Vacation

Chamber Guide Ad

One of our most popular vacation rentals in Buena Vista, Colorado is The Log Home.  This house has a beautiful deck overlooking Cottonwood Creek with 360 degree views.   Perfect for you and 5 of your closest scrapbooking girlfriends or for a nice quiet getaway with your family.  Not a scrapbooker?  If you visit during the winter months you might be able to squeeze in, between rest and relaxation, a few outdoor activities such as snow shoeing, cross country skiing, snow mobiling, or even downhill skiing.  During the summer, horse back riding, white water rafting, hiking, and biking might be on your to do list.  No matter what you do, returning to this great house is the perfect way to end each adventure to rest up for the next.

Click here too view this spectacular vacation rental: The Log Home

Welcome Home!

Video: Welcome Home to the Princeton Retreat

BDS_0408 copy RZDInside View HDR reiszed

Perfect place to spend a weekend scrapbooking with you and 7 of your closest friends, or a weekend getaway for your family.  A girls getaway would only be complete with wine & a movie!

Make this your adventure headquarters and spend your days whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking, horseback riding.  Spend your evening in front of the fire with your friends and family entertaining yourselves the old-fashioned way with a board game.

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The Legacy of Deer Valley

The Woolmingtons arrived in the valley in the early 1950’s to work at Frontier Ranch before Parker and Claire purchased the land they turned into Deer Valley Ranch in the mid-1950’s.  For the last 60 years, this has been a family owned and operated property.  Just last week, the torch has been passed on to David & Shannon.  Listen to their journey….