Super Deluxe: Restoration of a 1947 Ford Coupe

After my dad’s grandparents died, he inherited their 1947 Ford Coupe, Super Deluxe V8. I believe that they bought it new but I don’t have any information to support that.   It sat in our driveway in Kansas most of the time, but on the occasional Sunday afternoon we would go for a family drive.  Times were much simpler back then meaning that an afternoon of family entertainment was simple.  But I loved it!

img126To my knowledge, this car has never seen the inside of a garage other than a brief stint in the early 2000’s.  After my dad died, the car was stored in a locker in Kansas until my brother got tired of paying the storage on it.  Once the decision was made to dispose of it,  my husband and I had it loaded on a flat bed trailer in less than a week and brought  back to our home in Colorado.    That was in February of 2006.

February 2006, Belleville, KS

As husband’s do, they promise things and just never seem to get around to the necessary follow-through.  And I’m not one to nag (my kids might tell you different) so it has languished for 10 years waiting on someone, besides me,  to take an interest.

As stories unfold, it is usually a series of unrelated events which bring you to the story at hand.  A couple of weeks ago, I had posted a picture of downtown Buena Vista, CO on Facebook and asked if anyone knew what year it was taken.   A friend of mine thought the photo was from the late 1950’s as he recognized a car manufactured in 1957, as well as a 1947 Torpedo.  I mentioned that I had my great-grandparents 1947 Ford Coupe and would love to have it restored so that I could drive it…..sometime in my lifetime.

It looks like that is about to happen.  My friend, Mike, stopped by the house today and he and I, with pen and paper in hand, began to formulate a plan.  It’s in pretty rough condition but he thinks that the engine is sound (my husband did have it running about 10 years ago) and the rest is cosmetic.  It looks like a big job, but little by little I intend to have this gem ready for the road within the next couple of years.


Surprising little rust after being in Kansas for 60 years


The driver window was broke when I was a kid


The body has a couple of dents that should be easy to remove.  The chrome is also in surprisingly good condition.  I’m thinking Candy-Apple Red with wide white-washed tires. {dreaming}

I have no mechanical inclination whatsoever but my dad made sure I could change my oil, rotate my tires, changes the brakes and even pack bearings.  My boys, both mechanics, inherited their mechanical ability from him as he was a brilliant mechanic.  I was fascinated that he could tell what year, make and model of every car that we met on the highway.  While I had no interest in fixing a car, he was always working on something,  I spent an inordinate amount of time with my dad asking him questions.  My sister would tell you that I was dad’s favorite and whether that was true or not, I did spend a lot of time with him and showed an interest in him and his passion….cars.

1947 Ford Coupe


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