Paddlefest 2016

I bought a new Sony camcorder a couple of days ago and thought I would play around with it during Paddlefest.  Unfortunately, less than 48 hours after I bought it, I left it sitting on the front of my Jeep Wrangler before heading down the highway.   When I realized what I had done, I stopped and that is when it fell off and broke into several pieces.  I managed to piece it back together and believe it or not, it still worked!  I got some fun still shots as well as video of Paddlefest.   Any river guide will tell you “a good day is a day spent on the river”, it was a fun day!


Paddlefest is Coming to Town


Photo by Baby Doe Studios

Paddlefest is the kickoff to paddle season every year in the sweet, little, one stoplight town of Buena Vista, Colorado. This signature event has put Buena Vista on the map both locally and across the nation.  This year, Paddlefest is partnering with Search & Rescue as a fundraiser to offset the increasing costs due to the increase in tourism.

This is a family fun event, which doesn’t solely focus on the river but includes other events also.  For those who aren’t here to compete in the whitewater events, which include clinics, competitions and races, there are free demos at Town Lake and other competitions.

Paddlefest will start on the 27th of May and conclude on the 30th.  Check out this website for a complete list of events:

Paddelfest 2016 Schedule of Events


When Will It Ever Be Summer?


Every day this week Paige has asked me, “When will it ever be summer?”  It has been cold and wet, with even a little snow coming in from Cottonwood Pass.  Yesterday, the temperature hit a balmy 65 degrees and the wind had died down….even the horses were happy!  Most years we skip spring and go straight to summer but yesterday felt more like a spring day than winter.  I planted flower outside this week but they don’t look like they are doing too well.  It may still be too cold at night.    I long for a beautiful day that I can sit on my deck with a glass of tea and just enjoy the majesty and beauty before me.  It will get here….eventually.


#BVRocks  #EscapeToTheMountains



Can’t Stop the Feeling

I’m by no means a big Justin Timberlake fan, I can’t even tell you which boy band he was a part of, but I do find him highly entertaining and if the fact that I really only know him from Saturday Night Live dates me, then so what!  I love the way ordinary people (although I’m sure they are paid professionals) have been incorporated into this video which makes it really fun.  I’d give Justin three thumbs up on this video if I actually had three thumbs.

Have I mentioned that I ran into him and his then girlfriend, Jessica Biel, at Walmart in Salida, CO a few years ago.  She has ties to the community and they were visiting.  Everyone in the store kept a respectful distance and let them shop in peace  which I love about our laid back mountain community.

Roll’n Roll’n Roll’n

Keep Them Doggies Roll’n

The Tri Lazy W Ranch, just off of Highway 285 in Nathrop (12 miles south of Buena Vista), welcomes their neighbors and friends each spring for a day of rounding up cattle and branding them the way the cowboys did 100 years ago.  Today, most cattle roundups are conducted using four wheelers, shoots, and electric irons.  This is a special event because of the horses and the ability of the cowboy to swing a lasso.    Who doesn’t love a cowboy in Levi jeans, boots and a cowboy hat!  And you can’t beat the scenery….