Just One of Those Days

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I was having “one of those days” last week.  From the time I got up, nothing seemed to be going right.  To top it all off, I was up near Cottonwood Lake last Friday and sat a basket on the front of my jeep with some important papers and my brand new Sony Camcorder, along with a bottle of water.  I completely forgot it was there and took off down the pass.  About the time I reached for a drink of water, I realized that both the water and my basket were still on the front of my jeep.  I immediately pulled over, hit the emergency flashers, and that is when the basket fell off (the bottle of water stayed put).

I was running all over the road picking up papers and paraphernalia, and waving my arms like a mad-women so that crazy drivers wouldn’t hit me, my jeep, or all the other items strewn about on the highway.  A very nice young man pulled over and helped me gather it all up.  I barely said thank you and we were both back in our vehicles (there is no shoulder) to get out of traffic.  I was sick that my new camcorder was in pieces, but I did manage to pick up all the stray parts and piece it back together later.

Not more than 30 feet later, I looked to my left and saw a big horn standing right on the side of the road….of course I had to pull over again, only this time there was a shoulder to park on.  I took a couple of quick pictures with my cell phone before I remembered that my telephoto lens was in the jeep.  I grabbed it and got some of the most beautiful wildlife pictures.  What started out as a really horrible day finished with these beauties!






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