Madam’s of Central Colorado

whitney's Poster

The Madam’s of Central Colorado was the brainchild of Kathi Perry, of Buena Vista, CO.  She envisioned a series of monologues presented by local women in character of women who once lived and worked in the Upper Arkansas Valley.  Kathi spent time at both the Salida Library and Denver Public Library reading and listenting to reel to reel audio of interviews of some of these infamous women.  This program, in its 10th year, will be presented at the Buena Vista Heritage Museum this summer, July 1, August 13, August 21, and September 10.  You can purchase tickets before the show at the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce & Visitors’ Center on Highway 24 in Buena Vista, or at the Buena Vista Heritage Museum on East Main.

I portray Laura Evan, Salida’s most famous madam.  Her parlor house was on Sackett Street with her cribs just across the way.  She rolled her own cigarettes, swore like a sailor, was prone to storytelling and loved a good prank.

Join us this summer for an informative and entertaining evening.  Due to the subject matter, this show is not suitable for children under 13.


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