BV Strong Update 2016


The unofficial count was 3200 “neighbors” breaking bread and dining together.  All I know for certain is, I had a great time  eating with family and friends who are very special to me and I enjoyed the mild weather and beautiful view up Cottonwood Pass.

There were so many people at this dinner that I couldn’t possibly say hi to everyone, nor take the pictures I wanted to take.  To be a part of this community is a great thing for Buena Vistans and I am proud to call myself that.  #BVStrong #BVRocks


Neighbors as Far as the Eye Can See…..3200 and Going Strong 


BV Strong Dinner


Tonight, at 5:45 p.m., the Town of Buena Vista will be breaking bread and sharing a meal with their neighbors.  Please join us!

This event began in 2014,  a year after the Agnes Vaille Fall tragedy that took the lives of a local family, as a way to celebrate this community in a very unique way.  Locals have the opportunity to host as many tables as they wish and invite as many guests as they wish.

The last time I checked, there were 400 tables reserved which comes to  3200 chairs, 1200 pounds of meat, 3120 rolls and close to $7000 in donations to cover the costs.

Hosts provide drinks, table service, side dishes and dessert.  If you are at my table, you will be experiencing mac & cheese, cucumber feta salad and cherry dump cake!  Can’t wait!

This community dinner occurs the last week of September, once the tourists have gone home, school is back in session, and our residents can finally catch their breath after a busy, crazy summer.  It’s a time to reflect on the good in our lives and to come together in unity.

To make a donation to this event, please go to their website:



Donation for BV Strong Dinner


Gunfight & Near Hanging at the Lariat

The weekend started like any other beautiful, sunny day in August, and ended with a gunfight at the local saloon, a near hanging, and the Triple Crown Burro Race finale.    I could only be referring to Gold Rush Days in Buena Vista, Colorado, generally held the 2nd week of August each year, or occasionally held the first weekend.

The weekend is a mix of returning vendors and events along with new introductions.   The Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center is the organizer for the weekend which brings guests young and old alike to enjoy the events, historic reenactments, vendors and live music.

The feud between Joe Bush and Johnny started at the Lariat and ended at the local jail.


The Cast of Characters 

The Burro race is approximately 12 miles traversing Main Street, crossing RR tracks, across a bridge, along a single track jeep road, over the Arkansas River and the “Gentleman’s Loop” of the Barbara Whipple Trail.

Gold Rush Days Burro Race, 3rd Leg of the Triple Crown


Live Music at McPhelemy Park:  Ryan Chrys and the Roughcuts

Water Fun at Town Lake, McPhelemy Park

Fun for Kids, Puppies and Butterflies

Toilet Seat Races on Main Street

Civil War Reenactors/Madams of Central Colorado

Buena Vista: The Best Mid-Sized Town in Colorado!

Elevation Outdoors is hosting a contest for your favorite mid-size Colorado town.  Buena Vista is the one!  The winner will receive a feature in their publication and of course, BV is the best and deserves that distinction.  Follow the link to cast your vote:

Vote for Buena Vista, Colorado!

To vote,

  1. search for the “Medium Town – Silverthorne vs. Buena Vista”
  2. two columns should appear with Silverthorne and Buena Vista at the top.  Click on the small dot to the left of the BV column
  3. click on “I am not a robot” then click on Vote

Here is my take on behalf of Pinon Real Estate Group – BV on Buena Vista, which only offers a glimpse of all it has to offer:

Buena Vista, Colorado is situated in the Upper Arkansas Valley with magnificent views of the Collegiate Peaks Range. We sit at the base of Mt. Princeton, Mt. Columbia and Mt. Yale, all mountains reaching a summit of 14,000 feet above sea level. To the east flows the renowned Arkansas River making the area a mecca for river enthusiasts.

Our town offers a very active lifestyle with unlimited outdoor recreation activities. We also have one of the most breathtaking mountain golf courses and eminent hot springs in Colorado. This area is a premier destination choice for whitewater rafting, hiking and snowmobiling. Our locals enjoy these activities year round and want to share their bounty with you. Buena Vista also offers several fine restaurants, micro-breweries, multiple coffee and tea shops and quaint retail boutiques.

You haven’t experienced an old-fashioned small-town Fourth of July celebration until you witness our hour-long parade, sample pancakes in the park and shop at the local vendor booths next to Town Lake. Buena Vista is the host of many fun events including the Mountain Mania Car Show, Collegiate Peaks Rodeo, King Boletus Mushroom Festival, Christmas Opening, Applefest at the historic Turner Farm, Gold Rush Days and Paddlefest. A calendar of all these events and more can be found at

During your stay, don’t miss a visit to one of our nearby ghost towns and allow your imagination to take you back to an earlier era. Though the trains no longer run through Buena Vista, our history lives on. The Buena Vista Heritage Museum and the Buena Vista Depot Transportation Museum are open to the public to discover the local Colorado history that has been preserved.

Pinon has a wonderful selection of new homes, rental homes and vacation homes and cabins to make your stay as comfortable as possible. If moving here is not an option then visit us as often as you can. Use your vacation rental as your headquarters and explore all we have to offer. Call us today to start planning your next great adventure.

Visit Buena Vista, Colorado – Where the smiles are as wide as the views!

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Follow the link to cast your vote:  Vote for Buena Vista, Colorado!