Big Adventure in a Small Town

The big city doesn’t have anything on small town living!  For years, I thought that living in the city was where the action was, but I guess it depends on what kind of action you are looking for. With only 2300 residents in  town limits, Buena Vista would certainly be classified as “small town”, however, there are all kinds of activities to spice it up a little.  For instance, yesterday, which was Halloween,  Main Street was closed to vehicle traffic in order to allow the elementary kids to strut down the street in their Halloween finery.  You won’t see that in the big city!


Each child in costume had a book or wrote a story which was relevant to  their costume, which they carried with them during the parade.  


This bumble bee was separated from her swarm and took off on her own.


3rd Grade Teacher, Steve, embraced the whole day as a mathematical scientist with an Incredible Hulk Twist!  I was just green with envy!


Right down the middle of the street they strolled!


After the parade, it was back to school for a Halloween party before walking up and down the downtown sidewalks  trick-or-treating.  Paige made sure to stop at Pinon Real Estate Group – BV to accept their offerings.


Hugging the big white Yeti!


There was even a cute little unicorn in town for the day!

As you can see, the city can’t compare to living in a small town.  There are so many unique benefits to being a part of a small community:  Shorter commutes (you can be anywhere in town within 5 minutes); Smaller churches which create more intimacy with your church community; Slower pace of life which leads to a higher quality of life; Low crime rate; Know your neighbor; More community support; Traditional values; Exercise outside of a gym (although we do have gyms too).    Boy, after reviewing all of this, I wonder why anyone would want to live anywhere else?


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