Rustic Deer Head

I’ve been a crafter most of my adult life, however, I am not typically a craft blogger.  Having said that, I had to share this simple and easy rustic deer head I made for my work office.  I had picked up the paper mache deer head at Hobby Lobby half price and the the picture frame at a 2nd hand store for just$2.00.   With just a few supplies and a couple of hours, I created a beautifully framed rustic deer head.

My plan was to match the color of the frame to the antlers, or paint the antlers to match the frame.  I was going to cut a piece of plywood to glue the head to,  and reuse the mat.  However, once I got it all apart, I discovered that the mat was attached to the picture.  Since it was mounted on a fairly heavy backboard, I thought it would work well to support the light weight paper mache deer head.

I painted over the picture in white parchment (so the original image wouldn’t show thru the burlap), which matched the white in the mat.  I also painted the head of the deer with the same color.   Once the paint dried, I used mod podge to glue on a piece of burlap that was cut to the opening of the mat.

For the antlers, I found a gold that was close in color to the frame.  Once it dried, it was a little too gold, so I made a whitewash out of the white parchment paint and white washed the gold.  They matched perfectly.

Next, it was time to glue it onto the burlap.  Because the back of the paper mache head was not completely flat, I needed a glue that would fill in the recessed areas as well as fill in between the weave of the burlap for a better hold.  I used E6000 glue, which can be purchased at Wal Mart.

2017-03-05 15.22.40

I used rubber bands overnight to hold it tight and in place while the glue dried, and voila!  I have a beautiful rustic deer head to hang on my wall!

File Mar 12, 11 55 05 AM

File Mar 12, 11 41 14 AM


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