Horseback Riding at Twin Lakes in November?!?

The weather was cooperating and the horses were frisky yesterday.  It didn’t take us long to load them into a trailer and just go.  Since it was hunting season, and we didn’t relish the thought of being mistaken for deer or elk, our destination was the Colorado Trail at Twin Lakes.  It is a heavily used trail year round, and I have never seen evidence of either deer or elk, so it was a safe bet that there would not be any hunters in the area.

BDS_7706 copy

Twin Lakes

Our horses still have shoes on so we were hoping for only a little snow on the ground.  As it turned out, there was about half an inch but because the trail is used so often, there were bare spots too.  We didn’t see signs of any deer or elk, but we did see bike tracks in the snow, lots of footprints and even dog tracks.   What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in November!

File Nov 13, 9 19 45 AM

Horseback Riding with a Unicorn!

File Nov 13, 9 19 19 AM

All you need to be a real cowgirl are boots, a hat, and when it’s chilly, a pair of chaps!


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